Ray-Ban, a luxury eyewear brand under the Lucentica Group, a global leader in high-end glasses, announced the launch of a global brand declaration event, Ittakescourage. As one of the Group's important strategic markets, China will launch the “Ittakescourage” Ray-Ban brand declaration in synchronization with the world in mid-April 2016.

This promotional film was shot in Los Angeles and was shot by well-known photographer Mark Seliger. It embodies the brand's DNA with a number of unique photos: be yourself. The "brave" here is not blindness and fearlessness, but the decisiveness and determination to dare to look directly at the challenge, and it is also the source of strength that inspires people to break through themselves and constantly surpass the limits.

The heroes in the lens are brave and loyal to themselves. They dare to embrace imperfection, and challenge the stereotypes and vulgarities while at the same time deliberately exerting their talents and emotions in order to seek a breakthrough in self and live out their own colors.

During the event, the Ray-Ban brand will launch a theme declaration of "What are you afraid of" in China, encouraging the younger generation to face evaluation, open their minds, set aside worldly perspectives, redefine lifestyle and experience the power of courage. The theme declaration will focus on the theme of "courage" and invite the younger generation to share their own social stories.

Simultaneously with the theme declaration, Ray-Ban will invite a mysterious guest to participate in the social media activities of this declaration. This mysterious guest will appear in the image of "no fear of challenges" and "loyal to himself, fearless". What is he afraid of? let us wait and see! fake ray bans